Austin Dentistry

Most Americans care about their oral health and agree that caring for their gums, teeth, and mouth is important. This is due in part to the effect it has in their general physical wellbeing and oral health, but also the benefits having white teeth and healthy gums can have on a person’s overall appearance and attractiveness.

White teeth are highly sought after by many Americans. And, although regular dental hygiene can help preserve a person’s teeth, sometimes a person may need to seek the services of a qualified dentist in order to cosmetically enhance the appearance of their teeth. From getting braces to straighten teeth to using professional teeth whitening products, there are many ways in which a person can improve the appearance of their teeth.

Common Dental Services In The Texas Capital

Two common and popular dental services that will leave you with a brighter and whiter smile are veneers and teeth whitening. When you have chipped or cracked teeth or teeth severely discolored by food and drinks, veneers are often your best option. Veneers are really thin coats or laminates shaped like your teeth that are bonded to the front of your damaged or discolored teeth by taking a very thin layer off of your teeth. Veneers are a permanent fixture, however, so seeking them as a dental solution should be considered seriously first.

Another option for those seeking non-permanent and less painful options are the porcelain-made LUMINEERS veneers, which are made super thin for instant placement over your teeth. This prevents a person from having to go through the often painful process of tooth-layer removal, which is a necessity for conventional veneers.

In certain situations, veneers may not be necessary however. Instead, a person’s teeth may be made much whiter and attractive by professional done teeth whitening. There are a number of ways and products that can be used to whiten a person’s teeth. As such, speaking with a local dentist about your options and what the best choice is for you is generally advised.