Tips for a Fun, Healthy Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, which for most of us means hours of fun in the sun. Some of us can’t wait to spend a day at the beach, making sand castles and catching waves. Other people might want to go to the park and play a pickup game of basketball with their friends. No matter what suits your style, take the proper steps to stay as healthy as possible this season.

  • Wear sunscreen

The sun takes no prisoners. It does not care about how tan you want to get or that you’re spending all day on a lifeguard stand. It can and will burn you. To try and minimize the sun’s harsh rays, wear a sunblock with a high SPF and reapply every two hours or more if you’re sweating or swimming.

No tan is worth melanoma, so just slather it on. Wearing hats and loose fitting clothing can also prevent a nasty burn, as well as taking frequent breaks to go unwind in the shade for a while.

  • Avoid irritants in the grass

Speaking of cancer, your grass might be putting you at risk of certain cancers such as myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and leukemia. Don’t worry about this too hard, but if you used Roundup as an herbicide to eradicate the weeds in your yard, you were unknowingly spreading glyphosate, a carcinogen, around your yard.

There are already a few Roundup cancer lawsuit attorneys out there to help victims of Monsanto’s products. If your yard or garden has been doused with this herbicide at some point, you run the risk of developing cancer as well as a host of other health issues.

Don’t be afraid to get in contact with an attorney to see what kind of settlement you may be eligible to receive. There’s no reason your day grilling in your backyard should ruin you financially. If you’re currently using Roundup, stop what you’re doing and switch to a product that does not contain glyphosate. Your body will thank you in the long-run.

  • Take your allergy medication

Don’t assume you’ve outgrown your allergies and stop taking your medication. Itchy, watery eyes and sneezing every five seconds will put a damper on even the best plans. Keep a regular schedule of when you take your medicine to keep it in your system working properly.

  • Drink water

If you’re in the water all day, you might not necessarily feel dehydrated because the water is keeping you cool. Trust me, you’re almost definitely not drinking enough water. Sit in the shade and sip the water as you cool off. Chugging might lead to nausea and vomiting.

Also, if you’re consuming alcohol outside, try to drink at least as much water as alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate you even faster than not drinking any water, and the last thing you want to do at a barbeque or party is faint. Alternating your drinks with water can make sure you keep having fun all day long.

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